Amazing Images of the Best Wood Bats from a Baseball Game

Going to a baseball game is a great experience for anyone to enjoy. We have a family and we love taking our son to the ball park. The kid loves it and so do we. As professional photographers for a very long time, my husband Rick and I have never thought about taking stunning images at a baseball game.

The sound of that “CRACK” from the wood bat when a batter hits a knocker is one of the most amazing sounds you will ever here. The crowd gets loud and excitement fills the stadium. It’s a pretty cool atmosphere when that happens.

The Importance of Wooden Bats

The wooden bat is quite simply a thing of the past when it comes to anything but professional baseball. The sound just isn’t the same when using an aluminum or fully composite baseball bat.
Major League baseball players will usually spice up their wood bat. Pine tar is a very common way to gain some extra grip, plus it makes the bat look extremely real and authentic.

Here is one image that we love. It has to do with pine tar on wooden bats:

best baseball wood bats

As you can see from these photos, the pine tar is around where the batter puts his hands. This is also known as the grip in which they hold the baseball bat. Pine tar is sticky, but its also filled with rich dark colors. If you are aware of pine tar, you would be able to see it from a pretty far distance while at a professional ball game.

Wood Bat Features

There are a few different types of wood. If you are looking for the best wooden bats then it would be smart to know about the specific wood types.

Yellow Birch

This type of wood is very rich and is relatively new when it comes to the baseball world. Don’t get us wrong, they have been around for a while. One of the things you need to know about Yellow Birch bats is that the more you swing it and hit the ball, the more pop you will get out of the bat.

Maple Wood

Maple is a very tough type of wood. It’s also extremely common to have a maple wood baseball bat as many players own one. The color schemes are so beautiful that they will take your breath away.

Composite Wood

This is a mix of different types of wood and usually break the fastest. However, they do offer very good pop in the beginning stages of swinging it. Composite bats are very light weight and offer the player outstanding bat speed capabilities.

We hope you enjoyed embarking on this baseball journey with us to explore the most amazing images of the best baseball wood bats!