The Most Amazing Baseball Glove in 2019

Reviewing baseball gloves is kind of our thing here at BWood Photography. We take stunning photos of ball mitts so the average shopper can see what they are looking at.

One of the most popular baseball gloves in today’s market is the 2019 Wilson A2000. It’s not easy knowing how to choose a baseball glove, but we’ll try to make it as smooth as possible for you!

What is the Wilson A2000?

First off, Wilson is an extremely popular brand in the sport of baseball. Not only do they make gloves, but also batting gloves and bats. For baseball mitts, though, Wilson is the top dog and a household favorite.

The A2000 has been around for a while. It’s a series that makes sizes for all position players including infielders, first basemen, outfielders, catchers and pitchers.

Using this glove will feel like excellence all around. It is a very snug fit, not loose at all, and has the true meaning of “fits like a glove.”

What type of leather?

American Steerhide leather. This gives it a very strong and durable feel. This is a great choice for the rugged infielders who are constantly fielding balls.

The Features

Wilson’s A2000 features are out of this world!

The main feature?

An H-web pattern and twice the lacing at the base of the web and an open back. If that didn’t knock your socks off, what will?

In addition, this mitt has the Dual Welting technology with two strips of leather. It has a resilient pocket and perfect break-ins.

The DRI-LEX wrist lining helps your hand keep dry in the hottest of conditions. No sweaty palms, just a cool hand ready to make the play.

For infielders, it is very easy to turn two with this glove.


Because of how nice it feels on the hand and the ability to pick the ball clean from the pocket and the palm. It’s small enough for any short stop or second baseman.

For third base players, it is also an amazingly nice glove. It is big enough to field balls at the hot corner and tag someone out when they try to steal 3rd.

It’s also small enough to make diving plays and still be able to throw it to second to turn two, or throw out the runner going to first base.

For first basemen, it has an authentic first base glove, when you get that size. It comes with extra padding, just in case you play with some hard throwers.

The glove is backed by a 100 day guarantee.

Will I Need to Break it In?

Although the company says you don’t, you probably should plan for a 1-2 week break-in period. It does come with a non-stiff out of the box feel, but like we said… plan on breaking it in.

What Will Be Your Decision?

The Wilson A2000 is a perfect choice for pretty much any position. Choose a glove that has a great reputation, like this one. You will be super happy with your decision!