Our Top Reasons and Types of Wood Bats

Baseball is our national pastime, and playing with wooden bats is the number one reason as to why baseball is still awesome! Have you ever thought about the benefits of swinging a wooden bat and pretending you are one of the big league baseball players? If so, then we think what we have to offer is right up your alley!

Top Three Wood Bats

From the years of aluminum bats to pure alloy, the bat that still stands the tallest is the wood bat. If you are one of those parents, players or coaches that also think the same thing, we can’t wait to show you exactly why you are right. Finding the best wood bats 2019 has to offer isn’t easy. That’s why we show you the dynamics of what to look for in a wooden baseball bat.

The Type of Wood

Here’s the deal, there are more types of wood than you can think of. However, we will show you the exact type of wood to look for and to test out.

The number one question you need to ask yourself is, how many swings can I get in before bringing the wood bat to the plate?

What Types of Wood Bats are There?

There are a number of wooden bat types and we want to show you them all. Here is a quick guide for you to follow, just in case you are lost on the whole thing.

5 wood bats for baseball

Birch Wood

Most of the time, you’re going to read articles that have birch wood last on their list. Not here, we will make sure birch wood is the very first type of wood that we talk about.

What is Birch Wood?

Birch wood is a softer type of wood, which causes it to be more flexible. This flexibility will help a player to create more whip in his or her swing. What happens when you create more whip? The answer is easy, more bat speed. We are all chasing bat speed, right? So, if birch wood can help you create more whip, which helps you create more bat speed, don’t you think that birch wood is the best wood? We think so too!

The other reason why birch is so good is that the bat itself will break in better after you hit the ball more on the bat. Yep, that’s right, this is some inside information! The more you hit the birch wood bat, the better it will break in and the more POP it will have. Do you want more home runs? Would it be nice if you had a higher batting average? If so, then birch may be your best best when it comes to wooden bats! Don’t worry if you aren’t a birch fan, though, because we have other wood bat types to examine.

Maple Wood

This is the most dense type of wood. It creates the least amount of whip, but has been around for a very long time and is the most durable type of wood. So, if you are looking for a longer lasting type of bat, go with a maple wood baseball bat. It has the hardest surface of the three major species of wood that are used to manufacture wooden bats.

Criss cross baseball bats wood

Ash Wood

Before maple bats became popular, ash was the type of wood that was most popular. It’s more flexible than maple, which many players believe allows them to create extra whip from the barrel through the hitting zone.

Are You Ready?

We love asking this question, but it really does help out! You should be ready to choose what type of wood baseball bat you need! Good luck out there!